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At Virtos Construction we are able to cover all aspects of the building trade, below are some of the main areas that we specialise in. If you would like further information on the building services that we offer or to obtain a free quote please contact us today.

Cement Rendering

Sydney Rendering Expert offers all types of solid plastering at reasonable prices. Our cement rendering is a great way to invest in your home decor. We use a great variety of colours and designs, increasing the house’s overall value.

Acrylic Rendering

The team of professionals at Sydney Rendering Expert provide prestige acrylic rendering. We are decently known for assisting clients and reliable rendering facilities. Our rendering service of acrylic often includes topcoats. We also apply a primary layer of conventional render then we apply the acrylic render.


Bagging is the application of a mixture that smooths an external or internal brick wall, without concealing the irregularity and texture of the bricks. Bagging can be done to protect the brick of a home while providing an aesthetic layer that may be left as is or painted over.

Euro Render

Cement and sand rendering is a common everyday task. But with the Euro Renders at Sydney Rendering Expert has made the task easy. Now the job is four times quicker. With our renders, it has become cost-effective and hassle-free. It is no miracle that our render is the most prevalent in the market. Our renders are also known as euro mix renders.

Texture Render

Texture render is a profitable and economical way to intensely enhance the appearance of your home. Sydney Rendering Expert adds value to your house by acrylic texture renders. Our renders are of improved and flexible quality as compared to the brittle and hard traditional renders.


We at Sydney Rendering Expert use a material known as Granosite for wall coating, which gives the walls an attractive and elegant appearance. We provide long-lasting and optimum texture during rendering. Our customized Granosite with acrylic texture offers an elegant style of painting and coating and. So, our experts provide an amazing to your building with phenomenon appearances.

Coloured Rendering

The colour rendering services of Sydney Rendering Expert are very popular in the industry. We use various types of modern interior and exterior coating products that are easily available in the market. We mix the various colour pigments during the manufacturing phase, which result in a great coloured rendering material.

Polystyrene Rendering

Polystyrene rendering services from Sydney Rendering Expert assists in refining the overall art of your property. Our additional layer application offers greater weather and water resistance and highly acceptable moisture control. It also ensures the firming of the structural integrity of your place.

We are reliable, professional experienced and friendly and your satisfaction is guaranteed.

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